Monday, August 25, 2014

Why we eat Organic

Why organic?

Here is why, straight to the point no long story. (well maybe a little!)

Non organic food means it has GMO's (Genetically modified organism) The word "Modified" means (From "To change the form of qualities of; alter partially; amend:"

Hasn't our food always had GMO's?

No. It first came into our stores in the year 1994. And since then there has been more people facing food allergies, weight gain, health troubles even infertility.

Where are the GMO's?

More then 85 percent of corn and soy crops grown in the United States come from seeds whose DNA has been rejiggered. So look on the back of the boxed food or canned drink in your home and you'll find it.

Certified organic foods leave out GMO's along with pesticides and leave you with actual real food.

Why eat food that is modified, altered or change in quality?

It's cheaper, sorta. You see farmers who grow organic foods have to go through more trouble and money to get their food in stores then non organic companies.

I said sorta because yes it might be cheaper now to buy food that has pesticides or sugar that is causing cancer....  but one day you'll have to pay more in health care cost because of those choices. So pay the farmer now or the doctor later... it's your choice in the end.

So why do we eat Organic foods?

I think I've pretty much answered it already. But here is why.

August 2009

I don't want to be sick anymore. I may not have looked, acted or felt sick the years I was eating Taco Bell every day (Yes, everyday!) But inside my body was suffering. And down the road if I would have kept up, I know it would have affected me.

We want to live full lives. Not half of it. Because eating junk food doesn't mean you're "Living it up" because You Only Live Once.... (That's sad to hear) Cain says YOLO is Carpe Diem (Seize the day) for douche bags haha. Because it actually means you are putting yourself at risk for heart, liver, and digestive problems. And the older you get the more it will become aware of what's really happening to your insides and it will start showing on the outside through pain, headaches and weight gain.

I decided to eat Organic foods not just for myself but for my future kids. Just as I decided not to drink alcohol or smoke when I was just a teenager.  I wanted a healthy, pure lifestyle for my children and that's where it started... and then overtime I realized that I wanted to add a little more to a healthy lifestyle by what I was eating to what I was putting on my body.

Everyday I learn something new that is harmful to me. And I still am not perfect and mess up a lot. But what I want to get out of this is to see my children not suffer from allergies caused by processed foods and to have energy for playing sports, be able to focus while doing school and to live a fulfilling life.

Those things I listed can happen for my future sweet babies, by what I decide to feed them. Now when they are old enough to make their own food choices I hope I can show them what's best by teaching them,  but it's on them in the end. Just like it's on you, now.

We aren't perfect like I've already said. We make adjustments here and there to make it easier on our family and friends. But there is only so much I will give in too.

Have you heard or seen this pictures before?

What it means is what we are eating today, fast foods, GMO's and processed foods is shaping us into what we will be in the future.

Now I have said all that to say... I never have and will never judge or think less of you if you don't buy organic food or even make healthier options just in general. I love my family and close friends and they know where my husband and I stand when it comes to our food choices. They have made adjustments for us and we are so thankful for that.

What we would love to see one day is our families thrive off real food and see how awesome it is to say no to processed food... not because you "Can't" eat it... but because you "won't" eat it. There is a difference and I've learned to love that.

How do we afford Organic food you might ask? I will be sharing that in the next couple of weeks.

We are a very young, newly wed couple who have to make hard choices when it comes to where to spend the little money we work hard for. Priority comes into play when we divide what we make into a budget.

If I can help just a little bit on how to make healthier choices, it means the world to me.

So just be aware, be smart and be healthy.

Mrs. Grogg

Saturday, August 23, 2014

End of summer | Session recap

I've been such a busy bee these last couple of weeks. With summer ending I'm trying to spend time with my hubby while he is still on summer break, yet still have to keep up with work and everything life brings!

So I thought I would recap some of my favorite photos from the last few sessions I've had! Here are just a few of my favorites...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pear to pick

This past weekend was drill weekend for Cain. I normally try to find something for myself to do these weekends.

And normally it's work I do, because that keeps me most busy. I did work a lot this past weekend. I am trying out a new project for my photography business so Friday night and Sunday morning was spent working on that! It was fun... but it did make me work a bit more than I'm used too!

I had a family session Saturday night, but I was wanting something to do for the morning/afternoon of Saturday. So I asked if Graci would want to spend the day with me and Nova. It ended up being one of the best days spent laughing and talking together. We spend many hours jumping on the trampoline , listening to Frozen music and playing with the cats and nova.

She brings so much joy to a house it's sometimes overwhelming just how much happiness we all get when Graci is around! She loves picking vegetables from my dad's garden and when the time is right,  apples and pears from the trees we have at my parents home.

She gets so excited when she sees that there is a apple or pear to pick.

Holding the fruit up with her dress...

Summer days like these should never end! Graci has been a friend to me for so many years. I needed that relaxing carefree Saturday... so thanks Graci for spending it with me, and of course nova too :)

Cain is home from drill and already back working at the hospital today. With school just around the corner for him I am starting to realize our summer is coming to a end.

It was one amazing summer though. A wedding, honeymoon, Nashville, florida, Chicago... We did a lot! I think I can speak for Cain when saying we both had the best summer and could not be more thankful for the safe travels we had. It being the first summer as a married couple I would say I hope every summer is like the one we had.

We are excited about this coming fall season though. We have some things we are already looking forward too :)

Mrs. Grogg

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Independent Graci

Over five years ago I started a new job as a nanny. I first met Graci when she was just two weeks old. She was sleeping on the couch of her parents home when I walked in to meet her. I honestly, for the first time wasn't sure about picking a baby up. I've never have been afraid of babies but this time I stopped for minute before I did. She was so beautiful, and sleeping so peacefully I didn't want to wake her. Jodi said "You can pick her up" and once I did, I never wanted to put her down.

It started with a phone call I received the winter of 2008. I wanted a nanny job that I would have that would be on a regular basic because I needed the regular income. When I met with a family about nannying their new born they were nice, but we didn't share the same personality. This was in the fall of 2008.

They wanted to interview me and took it very serious (Which I understand more now why they would want too) but I was still in school (homeschooled) and was wanting to be able to do some studying while the baby slept. They weren't okay with that, but I thought I could work around it. They ended up telling me they found someone else, which I was upset about, thinking I wouldn't be able to get a steady job as a nanny.

Then one day I received that call, It was Jodi. She had heard of me through our neighbor and that day on the phone call she hired me! No interview and no problem with me bringing my school work.

I didn't know if she was crazy or just really liked me.

Well come to find out Jodi is crazy, but in a good way. She is relaxed and a care free spirit. Just like me. We worked well together.

Those first few months I got to spend some sweet hours cuddling Graci and rocking her to sleep. She was always happy and I never had any trouble the days I was there. Over time I grew more in love with her sweet face and outgoing spirit. 

What made my relationship so great with Graci was the fact I was so close with her whole family. If it wasn't for the love they had for me and mine for them... I don't think I would be as close with Graci today.

Rick and Jodi took me in as their own daughter. I always felt loved by them and we always had a lot of fun together. Their family is filled with so much love, respect for each other and they are very outgoing! I fit in pretty well.

I think they saw how much I adored Graci, and truly cared about her.

The older I became the more I realize what it means to really trust your babysitter. I didn't realize why it would be hard to leave your kids with someone other then family, but now I am starting to see that you can't trust everyone now a days.

I of course felt like I was trusted by them, which helped me feel like I could go to Jodi if I had a question about how best to take care of Graci.

I have babysat for quite a few years before Graci and continue to babysit for other families the days I wasn't watching Graci. What I found works for me is to get to know the kids and love them for their different personalities. If it be a sweet personality or a loud one... I wanted to see them through their parents eyes. Which, we know all means that they are "perfect" in their own way. I wanted to treat them like my own for the few hours I would have them, I felt that was the best way I could care for them.  To love them. 

I also found it easier to babysit for kids that I could communicate easily with their parents. If I could be open and upfront with the parents I wouldn't be afraid to ask them something if I wasn't sure of a answer. I enjoy helping parents out just as much as I enjoy playing with the kids. I wanted to be a blessing to parents who needed the date night out, or the hours to work outside their home. I wanted to be a trusted person to call. 
I love all the kids I have watched through out the past 11 years. Graci was the one I have hung out with the most though so of course she has a special place in my heart. 
I loved to hear her say "I wuv you Nanette" and still do today I do. Even though she now can say the "L" in my name. But for the longest time I was "Nanette" 

Graci has been rotten from day one.

 Her personality is truly one of a kind and anyone who has met Graci would say the same. She found trouble wherever she was. She couldn't stay in one place unless she was asleep. And my goodness does she love her warm milk. Still to this day she will ask for a cup of warm milk.

The day Graci and Nova met will go down as one of the sweetest days I can remember (And I have pictures of it) They were friends from the start. I told Graci she was the boss of Nova. So if Nova bothers you, tell her "No nova" and smack her nose. Well Graci liked being boss and hasn't yet forgotten that she is the boss of Nova. Their friendship is still so sweet to see to this day. 

If we want to get Nova to do something all we have to do is ask Graci to get her to do it. From playing "Hide and Seek" to Nova running on the treadmill. 

These past couple of years have been a joy to see my two favorite people (Yes, Nova is one of my favorite "People") play together. 

Taco Bell was a weekly event for us. The workers there knew Graci when we walked in and loved talking to her and seeing what new things she had learned.

Now I want to punch myself for feeding Graci and myself those unhealthy tacos but those memories there I would never change. But if I was to do it over again I would choose a healthier option for us!

This moment was a Graci moment. I was trying to find a outfit for Graci to wear that day and Graci told me that she knew what she wanted to wear. She started to wrap this scarf around herself and it formed a dress. She said "SEE" Haha... Yes, I see Graci.

For those who have been following my photography or for those who know me personally have seen this pictures before. This best decripes Graci at that age, and even today. She wore this Tu-tu everyday I watched her for months, why? Well A) it was because I adored it. And B) Because she rocked it. I still have this Tu-Tu ... I couldn't bare to throw it away after she grew out of it.

I have taken many pictures on this road at my parents home thorough out many years and this one tops the list of my favorites. 

Her love for kitties has never changed. Just yesterday she helped a new kitty at my parents home down from a tree and asked to take it home with her. 

I said "What would your mom say?" She said "She would say no, but lets break the rules!" 

I could write forever on how much I adore Graci curls, but you just wouldn't understand how special they are.

With Jodi as a hair stylist you'd think Graci's hair would be... well.. combed out at least, but no ... Graci likes it best like this. Down, uncombed and wild. I like it best like this too.



Little did I know when I said "I will be there your first day of school" three years ago... that it really would happen.

 Today though isn't my last day with Graci. She might no longer need a babysitter while her mom works. But she will always need a friend who loves her for, her. The silly, troublemaker, wild and sweet girl she is. 

When Cain proposed to me last November I knew right away who would be my flower girl. That very next day I asked her if she would be my special flower girl and she said yes. I realized soon after that she needed her friend to walk down with her, and that's where Nova came into play. 

I was worried Graci wouldn't walk down the day of the wedding. I have been to many weddings and know that if the flower girl doesn't go down, it's okay and the show goes on but of course I wanted her to be apart of our day. 

So the day before the wedding Graci was over helping with some pre wedding events. While sometime that afternoon my siblings wanted to practice the the song I would be walking down too. 

I called for Graci and Nova and asked if Graci would practice with me. I pointed to where she needed to walk and with independence she walked with Nova by her side. No one else was around at this moment but my two siblings, nova, me and graci. 

I stood back to watch them walk. And the next thing I knew, tears were in my eyes. Right then I saw the little baby sleeping on the couch that I didn't want to wake , I saw that moment when Nova jumped into Graci's arms the first day they met, I saw the time we all cuddled up on the couch giggling together and soon after graci falling asleep on Nova's side and Nova looking up at me, saying with her eyes "I'm happy" ... With her uncombed curly hair, that seemed so perfect. 

With Graci half way down the aide I lost control of the tears and let out a cry. 

Once I made it down I saw that my siblings too were crying. They have been around the past five years watching Graci grow up and become the amazing girl she is today. They knew how special this was. 

I said to them there, "Even if she doesn't walk down tomorrow, seeing her walk down today, right now... meant the world to me, I will never forget this.

Graci walked down the morning of the Wedding with Nova by her side. She didn't fear the crowd, just bossed Nova all the way down. Just the way I imagined it. 

Getting married to my best friend that day was the best part of the day, I can't lie about that. But Graci being there as my friend, it meant more to to me then I would have thought. 

Everyone knows how much I adore Graci, I didn't need to write it down for anyone to see. What made me remember these moments and want to share them was when I saw Graci walk into school this morning. 

I thought of how proud I was. I didn't raise Graci 24/7 like her parents and I wasn't there for all her funny or sweet moments. But what I was there for, I will never forget. She is a huge part of my life and I am proud to of the kindergartner she is. 

I hope she looks back on her childhood one day and remembers how much I loved her. That there are a lot people who care for her and would do pretty much anything if she asked. 

We have a lot more memories to make, so don't think this is the end. It's just a part of the beginning.     And I will always treasure the past few years I've had with my closest friend, Graci. 

Mrs. Grogg

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