Friday, September 19, 2014

Date day in Indy

Update from the Grogg's house!

Busy busy bee's. I'm normally the busy one but Cain lately has been too! School takes up two whole days of the week, plus the time he takes to study and do homework. He then works normally three days a week at the hospital.

So if you feel like you never see Cain, it's okay.. I feel the same!! :p

I am so busy with pictures it's amazing! I love my job and couldn't ask for better clients to work with. I have some weddings coming up soon too that I can't wait for. My schedule just got really full for October so I don't see things slowing down yet. So full force into October we will go!

So far September has been great! Even with this new busy life together we have it's been fun and we do try and take time for us.

Last Saturday we spent a date day, after I had pictures in the morning of course! but once that was over we headed to Indy to eat at Sobro Cafe. It's been a favorite restaurant of ours since the first time we went there almost a year ago! That was the night we got engaged if you don't remember!

We... but mostly, I ... couldn't go to Indy without a trip to Whole Foods! I go in not needing a whole lot... but come out with a WHOLE lot! I am thankful that my husband just smiles at how much I could love a grocery store ;)

This MCT oil is going to help me intake more healthy fat! More fat, less cravings for sugar! This is a no sugar journey for me... more of that to come!

Saturday night Notre Dame and Purdue were playing at the Lucus Oil Stadium (Now the truth comes out about why we wanted to go to Indy for our date day!!! :P )

We did not buy tickets before going because they were just too expensive! But we had high hopes that we could find cheaper tickets once we got there.

And with just our luck we did! We were pretty pumped for the game, even though it was a bit chilly for my liking I sucked it up... we had to cheer for ND :)

Notre Dame won :) We did not get home until very late Saturday night, or should I say very early Sunday morning but we needed that date day and I was glad we had the chance to spend the day together :)

So when we got married I thought we would see each other so much more and spend a lot more time with each other. 

This is true, sort of.

 I do see Cain often... every night and most mornings when he has the day off. But to be honest I thought we would always be together and that isn't true. There are days that he comes home and I have to leave for pictures right away and don't get home until late. 

Or he works all day and by the time he gets home we are so tired from the day we go to bed and our busy lives pick up once again the next morning.

It is teaching me to take advantage of every moment and to not take for granted the time we do share together. I realize that no matter where we are in life, we will always be busy. Even more so when we do have children. So I don't want to say "One day things will slow down" instead MAKE things slow down ... or at least take time for your spouse even with things being busy.

Which is what we will have to do this weekend. Cain is working three 12 hour shifts in a row! Phew. He is crazy! Thankfully he loves his job and enjoys working at the hospital :)

Until next time.

Mrs. Grogg

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Smell those pretty roses?

Stop and smell the roses.

I don't have any roses around me. If you do, go around and smell them but if you don't, like me... then use this as a metaphor. 

Smell those roses. The sweet moments in life that die just too quick! 

I am trying to not only heal my body through the foods I do and don't eat. But I am also trying to relax and take it easy on myself. (Smelling those roses) 

Because I am always thinking about the next move, the next step, the next day... what's next is always on my mind!

From work, to making food, keeping the house clean, to spending time with my husband and family. I'm always on the go go go... because I want to get everything done right... yesterday! 

Cain has mastered the "relax" part of life. He can sit back anytime in the day and enjoy a movie or game. I just stare at him like he is CRAZY! I don't care if I have anything to do... I will find something to do! But that isn't always the right thing because I am putting my body through more stress then it can handle. 

When you go into stress mode your body starts craving foods to fuel itself because it knows that you will need something to keep you going! 

Those foods come in the form of junk food, sugar and just plain crap!

And while your mind is going 100 different ways (I'm talking to the females) the last thing it wants to think about is eating something that will actually benefit you. It wants what will comfort you, and for so many that is sugar (bread, cake, granola bars, cookies, fruit... yes even fruit) 

So my goal is to keep my body from over stressing and fueling it with the right foods so that I can finish my tasks without cravings.... and have time to sit and stare at those roses! 

Am I making sense? Haha

I write a list everyday of what needs done. And I make sure that I take at least an hour of the day to do something for me. 

Something I love and never seem to have time for. 

It has been so rewarding for myself doing this. 


This past Sunday we had a special day. 

Cain was baptized! And who better then my dad to do the honors right? I think it's special to say both of us have been baptized by the same pastor :)

We were so happy to have Scott and our sweet little sister Alexis there to share in our special day. 

Looking forward to this weekend to come, I have some great pictures planned along with a date day with Cain :) Hope everyone enjoys their weekend also... and remember, try and relax and smell some roses along the way...

Mrs. Grogg

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Inside my kitchen today...

Take a look into what a kitchen looks like when you make everything from scratch! 

It's amazing how much perperation you have to do when making "Real Food" every day. 

There is no "Babe will you run through Taco Bell before you get home, I had a bad day" Or "Let's get pizza tonight I don't feel like baking" 

 I decided this for myself and my family but I wanted to be very clear it's not always pretty! (like the picture above) There are hard days when making supper is the last thing I want to do. But when I have a clear list of what's for supper each week , it does make it easier. 

I do make everything from scratch because it's the best thing for our health. It also taste so much better then everything I've had, including taco bell! I'm not a perfect "Chef" if that's what you would call me. But I do put a lot of love into what I make (Newly wed thing) 

So here is what I made today!

First thing I needed to do was soak the dates for the dessert I was making for Cain to take to work tomorrow. 

Next I make Cain a Cream Cheese Chicken lettus wrap (Left over chicken from the "Whole Chicken (Crock Pot)" << Recipe

After that I made a quick trip to Kroger's. Around 8:00am they mark down the meat that is about to go bad. It's my favorite kind of meat... not because it's about to go bad but because it's cheaper!!! 

I found a awesome deal on pork tenderloin so I decided to change up my dinner plans and have pork. 

When I got home I needed to make a marinade for the pork that I've been wanting to make. That didn't take long but getting spices out and back out again can be a pain! Once my pork was in the fridge with the marinade I finished the dessert by processing the dates with unsweetened coconut and pecans. And after they were set I added chocolate!... They are called No Bake German Chocolate bits << Recipe 

All stored and ready for Cain to take when he leaves at 5:15am.... AM! I dislike waking up that early!

After taking Cain his lunch, doing a little apartment searching (Our lease is about up!) I went to my Biolife appointment then came home to start packing for the weekend.

Most every weekend we make our way to my parents house because we go to church with them on Sunday's. It makes it easier to be there Saturday night so we don't have to wake up extra early on Sundays.

I also schedule pictures for the weekend home too! I have a great session this Saturday! Along with the Notre Dame game... going to be a great weekend!

So not only do I have to pack clothes for a couple days worth for us. I have to prepare all the food I will be bringing for me to eat. I am a little more picky with my food then my mom or even Cain. Even though they do make great choices. I am really trying to heal my body from years of eating junk. So I no longer am eating sugar..... *Gasp! I know haha all sugar too! Even honey and maple syrup! The "Good" stuff right?

Well what I am finding out even more then ever is ... listen up.... this is good stuff...  Sugar is Sugar! If it comes in the form of table sugar or honey. It's sugar once it hits your blood stream. And one of the only ways to heal your cells is to stop eating what's damaging them.

Okay enough about that (UNLESS you want to know more about healing your body, then please email me and I would love to pass on some great information!)

I needed to make Cain's lunch for tomorrow so I went ahead and got that in the crock pot later this afternoon. It's one of our favorite meals ... Buffalo Meat Balls with Ranch sauce. I got the recipe from Maria Mind Body Health Slow Cooker book. It's been one of my favorite recipe books yet!

I even made her Sub Bread << today for Cain to have with the meat balls! A much better choice then eating Yoga mat! Yoga mat?! you might think. YES! That's what's in SubWay bread. Hopefully not much longer though thanks to Food Babe <<

So for tonight's supper I made Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin with a side of cucumber salad :) UM!

You can find this recipe pretty much anywhere but I got mine from Ruled Me << Meal plan.

Phew! With all food packed for Cain tomorrow, my food packed for the weekend and supper cleaned up I am ready to call it a night!

But just for the night, because its up bright and early to make Cain breakfast before he leaves for work tomorrow!

Even though, yes.. making food from scratch is more time consuming and can make a mess at times. It's all worth it when I know my body is happy with what's being put inside.

Mrs. Grogg

Friday, August 29, 2014

Get the weekend started

Before I start my day of editing pictures, preparing supper, prepping food for me to eat this weekend, packing up for the weekend (Heading to my moms!) and oh yeah, showering..... I thought I would write this blog post!

We have a some what busy weekend I would say. Today will be normal for me with editing pictures. Cain is at Parkview working his 12 hour shift. And tonight Sam, our cousin is coming over to spend the night, because tomorrow the boys are heading to South Bend for a Notre Dame game!

Last week Sam asked Cain if he would go with him tomorrow to the game. I was first upset that I couldn't go because I will be photographing the Montpelier Queen Contest tomorrow. But then I was alright knowing it was Sam asking. Anyone else I would have been still upset ;)

But I don't mind one bit that Cain gets to go with not only Sam but his brother too! It all worked out and I hope they have a great day. And go Irish!

When Cain started at Parkview I was so excited because well, he had a great job. AND I could bake treats for the nurses on the floor he works on. I am always looking for someone to bake treats for, not counting Cain of course haha. I bake for him enough :p

Today they got this "No-bake Pecan Pie Bars"

I haven't heard yet if they like them or not, but Cain said they were amazing so I will trust him!

You can fine the recipe here > No-Bake Pecan Pie Bars

I wanted to also share these photos from last week with Graci. I'm always a week behind when sharing photos but I think she is just so beautiful I have to share even if it's a week later....

It's easy to see just as sweet and fun she is.

Well I need to get things started, wishing everyone a happy weekend!

Mrs. Grogg

Monday, August 25, 2014

Why we eat Organic

Why organic?

Here is why, straight to the point no long story. (well maybe a little!)

Non organic food means it has GMO's (Genetically modified organism) The word "Modified" means (From "To change the form of qualities of; alter partially; amend:"

Hasn't our food always had GMO's?

No. It first came into our stores in the year 1994. And since then there has been more people facing food allergies, weight gain, health troubles even infertility.

Where are the GMO's?

More then 85 percent of corn and soy crops grown in the United States come from seeds whose DNA has been rejiggered. So look on the back of the boxed food or canned drink in your home and you'll find it.

Certified organic foods leave out GMO's along with pesticides and leave you with actual real food.

Why eat food that is modified, altered or change in quality?

It's cheaper, sorta. You see farmers who grow organic foods have to go through more trouble and money to get their food in stores then non organic companies.

I said sorta because yes it might be cheaper now to buy food that has pesticides or sugar that is causing cancer....  but one day you'll have to pay more in health care cost because of those choices. So pay the farmer now or the doctor later... it's your choice in the end.

So why do we eat Organic foods?

I think I've pretty much answered it already. But here is why.

August 2009

I don't want to be sick anymore. I may not have looked, acted or felt sick the years I was eating Taco Bell every day (Yes, everyday!) But inside my body was suffering. And down the road if I would have kept up, I know it would have affected me.

We want to live full lives. Not half of it. Because eating junk food doesn't mean you're "Living it up" because You Only Live Once.... (That's sad to hear) Cain says YOLO is Carpe Diem (Seize the day) for douche bags haha. Because it actually means you are putting yourself at risk for heart, liver, and digestive problems. And the older you get the more it will become aware of what's really happening to your insides and it will start showing on the outside through pain, headaches and weight gain.

I decided to eat Organic foods not just for myself but for my future kids. Just as I decided not to drink alcohol or smoke when I was just a teenager.  I wanted a healthy, pure lifestyle for my children and that's where it started... and then overtime I realized that I wanted to add a little more to a healthy lifestyle by what I was eating to what I was putting on my body.

Everyday I learn something new that is harmful to me. And I still am not perfect and mess up a lot. But what I want to get out of this is to see my children not suffer from allergies caused by processed foods and to have energy for playing sports, be able to focus while doing school and to live a fulfilling life.

Those things I listed can happen for my future sweet babies, by what I decide to feed them. Now when they are old enough to make their own food choices I hope I can show them what's best by teaching them,  but it's on them in the end. Just like it's on you, now.

We aren't perfect like I've already said. We make adjustments here and there to make it easier on our family and friends. But there is only so much I will give in too.

Have you heard or seen this pictures before?

What it means is what we are eating today, fast foods, GMO's and processed foods is shaping us into what we will be in the future.

Now I have said all that to say... I never have and will never judge or think less of you if you don't buy organic food or even make healthier options just in general. I love my family and close friends and they know where my husband and I stand when it comes to our food choices. They have made adjustments for us and we are so thankful for that.

What we would love to see one day is our families thrive off real food and see how awesome it is to say no to processed food... not because you "Can't" eat it... but because you "won't" eat it. There is a difference and I've learned to love that.

How do we afford Organic food you might ask? I will be sharing that in the next couple of weeks.

We are a very young, newly wed couple who have to make hard choices when it comes to where to spend the little money we work hard for. Priority comes into play when we divide what we make into a budget.

If I can help just a little bit on how to make healthier choices, it means the world to me.

So just be aware, be smart and be healthy.

Mrs. Grogg

Saturday, August 23, 2014

End of summer | Session recap

I've been such a busy bee these last couple of weeks. With summer ending I'm trying to spend time with my hubby while he is still on summer break, yet still have to keep up with work and everything life brings!

So I thought I would recap some of my favorite photos from the last few sessions I've had! Here are just a few of my favorites...

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