Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A evening at the park..

Park with Graci from Lanette's Photography on Vimeo.

Calm before the storm ...

I wouldn't mind another day like today. I wound't mind having a day like today, everyday!

If it's work, personal life, grocery shopping or just last minute things ... I normally have to leave the apartment at least once a day.... but normally twice. We live so close to Kroger's and a lot of shopping places or it's easy for me to just make "quick trips".

I also work all the time so even if I only have one session of pictures for the day I have to leave to go do that. But today I didn't have pictures, I had no errands to run and Cain was at work all day so it was just me and Nova.

I was up at 4:45 to make Cain some breakfast to go (Eggs) and pack up his lunch for the day (Keto-Chili) Once he was out the door I just started on some work I had left from over the weekend.

I listened to this amazing "Natural Cures Summit" and then had time to edit some videos!

I baked some goods and picked up the apartment (Luckily it was already clean from the day before!)

This month is always so busy for me. I feel like this is my last day of relaxing! I have at least three sessions a week, every week this month. Some days I have two back to back. Which is fun and the trees are so beautiful this time of year it's honestly such a honor to be able to capture it's beauty and help make memories for my clients.

But in the middle of this season I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and take this slow or I will over do it and that ends up a big mess... I've been there before!!

I am so thankful for Cain who supports me. He has his own work and school to worry about yet he always takes time to hear me out and be there when I need a break. I might have to hand over a dinner or two this month... Can I prepare every meal (Healthy of course, no fast foods for us!) , keep a clean house and work full time?!

Add a kid in there and PHEW... that would be nuts! Way to go to all mom's out there. I don't know how you get through the day!

Now that my husband is home it's time to really relax and settle in for the night.

Best wishes for this October season!

Mrs. Grogg